One week to go
February 14, 2018

by Jessica Hobson

With just over a week to go, the creative team will spend this week finalising the first version of the performative material to showcase at the UK Book Launch of the Oxford Handbook of Dance and Wellbeing on the 23rd February 2018. With a touch of man flu, Steve joined Julia and Scott in the studio this weekend to create a sound score to accompany the movement and spoken word that had be generated.

Along with a projection, the sounds score aims to bring yet more collaboration between artists and allows further art forms to be involved within the process. The score will be in response to the movement created. The movement was a reaction to key concepts in the literature that informs the project. Scott created poems from this material – and in response to choreography created in the studio – to use as spoken word throughout the performance. These poems will also be used to generate material for both the sound score and movement in turn. The poem below – which shares the title of the work in progress – was performed by Scott and Julia during the performance on 23 February:


your suddenness
dropped me down
in soft collision
where we entangle
falling into each
other’s support

in an echoing
cry for help
catch me where
you can when
I fold into

hidden beside
you what I
try to break
free from
leaves a mark
in space

this changing
pattern beckons
us forward
to cut our
teeth on a
tranche of time