Research accepted for Journal
February 12, 2018

by Jessica Hobson

With the aim to build a new creative therapeutic intervention for depression based on key therapeutic ingredients identified in published research in creative work and psychotherapy, the clinical group have been accepted to submit an article to the British Journal of Guidance and Counselling!

Initially, the clinical group will be searching for helpful factors within the evidence based talking therapies and creative interventions for depression and will present these in order to formulate a new creative methods intervention.

The following areas will be considered:

  • Dance and movement psychotherapy
  • Other arts psychotherapies such visual art, music, drama and creative writing
  • Interdisciplinary arts work
  • Existing models integrating creative interventions
  • Existing evidence base such as counselling for depression and CBT

Ailsa will be investigating cognitive behavioural therapy and behavioural activation for depression; Jessica will be exploring arts therapies for depression; Linda will be delving into integrative models, along with talking therapy integration; Joanna will be searching for helpful factors surrounding psychodynamic and integrated arts therapies; and Kerry will be investigating the helpful factors surrounding counselling.

Time to get to work!